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The iOchoice.com is an India based socialmedia portal that lets users post, vote on various stories/events.

The iOchoice Awards honor the best of social media in India, recognizing the people and organizations producing content on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and the rest of the social web. Voting is performed by twitter and facebook users using live tweets or facebook status updates. The polls are geared towards the global Indian audience who follow India based content creators brands or Individuals. The Awards/technology is developed by India origin technology startup in New Jersey. Winners are selected by RealTime voting that uses live tweets . This concept is built using twitters programming language where Retweets / tweet votes are captured in realtime in socialmedia . Such technology is very unique and is used first time in India award based polls. Previously American superbowl , Xfactor like live programs have used the concept.

There are two branches of the iOchoice Awards: the individual and the brands & organizations .The awards for brands & organizations honor the innovative and creative work professionals are executing in the social media space . The awards for individuals are submitted by tweet nominations by fans . Each year, the iOchoice receives Lakhs of tweet nominations from fans supporting their favorite social media stars. The winners of the iOchoice Awards, as chosen by The Socialmedia votes , are usually revealed in 1st week of the year in New York City.


The iOchoice Awards are produced by iOchoice)(tm), a New YorkNJ based technology startup that specializes in socialmedia based polling techniques .

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website : www.iOchoice.com , Awards.iOchoice.com

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